5 Tips on How You Can Find the Best and Right Loan for You

Finding the right loan is not always as simple as it sounds. If you’re taking out a personal loan, you’d want to get the best deal from your lender as much as possible. Borrowing money comes with consequences, but it will be easier to become debt-free if your total loan doesn’t cost too much.

There’s a lot to dig up when deciding which lender you should borrow from. Here are five tips that can help you compare loan offers to find the best and right one for you.

1. Find Lenders That Will Let You Differentiate Loan Offers Without Giving Hard Credit Inquiry

Applying for a loan may sometimes mean that a hard inquiry is placed on your credit report. However, too many inquiries, which stay on your credit report for up to three years, can hurt your credit score.

The good thing is that a lot of lenders allow you to get pre-approved for personal loans and to find out your rate and terms before a hard inquiry is put on your record. The lenders make a soft inquiry, and you can still protect your credit score while looking for the best loan deal for you.

2. Observe Total Costs

Look at the loan offer that has the lowest total overall cost since you might want to keep the borrowing costs as low as possible. When it comes to comparing the rates, compare the annual percentage rate (APR) and not just the interest rate. The APR shows you the total rate you’ll pay each year for borrowing the money. The lender must also enlighten you with information about the total interest you’ll have to pay over the life of the loan.

3. Compare Lenders That Give Similar Offers

When comparing loan offers from different lenders, make sure that they all have similar offers. So if one lender offers a lower monthly payment, but the payment would be year-long, you might end up paying more in total from the other lender that has payments that appear cheaper first. A tip is to look at whether both lenders are offering you fixed-rate loans.

4. Gather Quotes From More Than Three Different Lenders

A wide variety of lenders offer personal loans, such as online-only lenders, local banks, national banks, and credit unions. It’s only practical to get a lot of quotes when getting a loan since all lenders are different from each other in terms of interest rates, repayment timelines, fees, and fund loans schedule. You’d want to get the best offer as much as possible.

5. Carefully Read Everything in the Fine Print

You should carefully read the fine print. You have to know all about the details that might give additional costs as some lenders charge prepayment penalties. Some variable-rate lenders may also adjust rates more often than the others, which increases the risk of raising your rate frequently during the repayment schedules. Understand your loan offer completely to be aware of all risks that might occur.


Comparing loan offers might be tiring, but overall, it is very worth it. Making fair comparisons will help you choose the right lender with the loan offer that is suitable for you. Some deals are better than others, so choose wisely.

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