Debunking 3 Common Myths About Personal Installment Loan

As the lending industry continues to delve deeper into its nuances and see expansions in its glossary year after year, being a borrower can be a rather complicated experience because of all the inside lingo.

After spending some time familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of the industry, you’ve likely heard of terms like securities, subsidiaries, fixed rates, prime loans, and APRs. If you’re in need of money, the chances are that you’re in a certain situation where you’re struggling to understand the terms as you sift through all the available options and tools on the market. When you start considering personal loans, you’ll be put through a sort of maze that you’ll need to figure out to ensure that you’re making the most out of it, especially when it comes to debunking surrounding myths.

Debunking Common Personal Installment Loan Myths

The one thing that most people will tell you about personal loans is that the way they work is straightforward. Yet, one thing experts don’t tell you about them is that there are all sorts of myths that surround them. Unfortunately, because of these same exact misconceptions, potential borrowers fail to capitalize on and benefit from them as well as they should.

But you won’t have to worry about hampering your borrowing experience as long as you take the time to watch out for these common myths surrounding personal loans:

Myth #1: You Need Exceptional Credit to Get a Personal Installment Loan

Although lenders are still obligated to run a credit check when you apply, possessing bad credit or not having a score at all does not mean your application will be automatically rejected. When compared to other loans, the lending vehicles in question are managed in a way where lenders are obliged to consider an applicant’s entire financial picture when reviewing their application!

Pro-tip: While personal installment loans don’t necessarily pose the greatest level of difficulty when it comes to applying with a poor credit history, they can be used to improve your credit score by a significant margin!

Myth #2: Applying for a Personal Loan is a Difficult Effort

Hearing the term “loan” is usually more than enough to make anyone feel like they’re bound to run into a difficult experience because of how past experiences were for them. However, the thing about personal loans is that they’re the difference-makers when it comes to loan application experiences because they’re far from difficult to apply for and receive.

Compared to standard payday loans or mortgage loans that often prove to be a nightmare for applying borrowers, personal installment loans bear a much easier experience, especially with most lenders accepting applications online. The main reason these borrowing tools are much easier to deal with is that they allow people to borrow money based on their overall financial situation and enforce less imposing standards.

Myth #3: The Payout is Extremely Long

The one thing anyone who has ever applied for a personal installment loan will tell you above all else is that they haven’t gotten their money faster with any other option. In recent years, lenders have continually fine-tuned their payout systems to ensure that borrowers get their money as quickly as possible with personal installment loans. Fortunately, none of the efforts that firms have put into the process will be in vain, as the typical application process can ensure that the amount you apply for is sent within a day or two!


While there are different points that you need to know about personal installment loans, one of the factors that you should be especially aware of is the myths that you shouldn’t fall for. By becoming more aware of the misconceptions surrounding the financial tools in question, you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision in terms of maximizing a loan!

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